International Congress on Supply Chain

December, the 3rd and 4th, 2018 – Hotel Maksoud Plaza – São Paulo


Digital Technology making Supply Chain more flexible and agile


Strategic Supply Chain

4.0 Supply Chain

Supply Chain, Integration With Further Fields And People

Logistics: Distribution, Infrastructure & Transport

Economic Scenario, Investment, Market And Tax Benefits



December, the 3rd

8h15-8h45 – Reception & Registration

8h45 – Chair’s opening remarks

8h45 – 9h30 Opening lecture

Strategic Supply Chain

How to achieve an extremely flexible Chain that quickly responds to major changes and great ruptures
The discussion about flexibility facing great changes and great ruptures is no longer only a matter of natural disasters but also a challenge in strategic businessmen routines.

  • Managing and minimizing risks in Supply Chain
  • Planning based on adaptation strategies
  • Will digital transformation (IoT, 4.0, IA) bring competetive advantage?

9h30 – 10h15 Plenary Session

Economic Scenario, Investment, Market And Tax Benefits

Economic situation, impacts and perspectives of the new government in business activity
Perspectives of a new economic policy

  • The new government and prospects for the productive sector: Agribusiness, manufacture and services
  • Perspectives for local and global markets
  • Attractiveness for Investments in transport and infrastructure sectors
  • International Market – Protagonism of China and India in the next years and how to ensure healthy trading relationship with these countries.

10h15 – 11h15 Coffee Break


Stream Sessions Case Study

11h15 – 12h20

Sala 1 – Strategic Supply Chain Sala 2 – 4.0 Supply Chain
Prizewinner long term planning  model:
Network Design

A strategy for a Supply sector which is in accordance to business plans and company goals and ensures demand fullfillment.

  • What makes Network Design Special
  • Results


IoT – Aplication of IoT in the whole chain, integrating supplier to the manufacture sector till distribution centers and the final consumer.
Connections – IoT in the chain

  • Employ of IoT in agriculture, retail and logistics
  • IoT and Omnichannel


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Stream Sessions Solutions

12h35 – 13h10

Sala 1 – Strategic Supply Chain Sala 2 –  4.0 Supply Chain
Palestra Patrocinador Platinum:

Machine Learning: more autonomy, efficiency and higher service quality

  • Data collect algorithm
  • How to read data strategically
  • Labeling the demand and anticipating yourself


13h10 – 14h30 Lunch


Stream Sessions Case Study

14h30 – 15h05

Sala 1 – Strategic Supply Chain Sala 2 –  4.0 Supply Chain
Successful empirical case of a turn around, a great change to redefine the business path towards growth

  • Diagnosis of a company in crisis which needs a great strategic redefinition.
  • Evaluation of mistakes and definition of a new management model  for the company
  • Results


4.0 Supply  – Quick answers, the solution to problems caused by a permanent economical uncertainty scenario.
Symbolic and operational technological impacts due to change of chain model for a net model

  • What is the meaning of a company which is adapted to get benefits of new technology: how to start
  • Aligning leaders and collaborators
  • Dimension of impact on business results


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15h10 – 15h45

Sala 1 – Supply Chain, Integration Sala 2 –  4.0 Supply Chain
Labor legislation reform – improvements and alternatives in new ways of employing and managing people

  • Leadership responsibility in managing teams and people
  • How the reform can benefit this management
  • Key Knowledge for labor negotiation
  • How to prevent turning the solution  in disease


What is a Blockchain and what it aggregates to Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Blockchain as a protection: integrity, tracking and compliance
  • How it can help in taking strategic decisions
  • P2P framework – framework connection with a non centralized coordination.  

15h45 – 15h20 – Choose your room


Stream Sessions Solutions

15h20 – 15h55

Sala 1 – Supply Chain, Integration Sala 2 –  Logistics and Transport
Supply Chain director, COO and CPO – the profile of professionals ready  to lead the strategic pattern of an organization

  • Expertise and knowledge required for the following decade
  • Merit of brazilian businessman and what makes him different.
    China, India and other growing markets; challenges and prospects of individual and professional improvemen


Digital Logistics in Brazilian scenario – What is viable? What can be done?
4.0 City Logistics  to a 4.0 Brazil Logistics
4.0 City Logistics envisions a city from technological and enterprising  perspective on a producers, retailers and logistics enterprises basis.

  • Quick and comprehensive changes that are transforming the city’s logistic system
  • The 4.0 City plan aiming distribution and logistics
    4.0 Logistics – From city to long distance transport modes; what new experiences  aggregate


15h55 – 16h45 Coffee Break


16h45 – 17h30 Plenary Session

Supply Chain 4.0 – New Technology

Artificial Intelligence – Where does it help? Are organizations prepared for it?
How to use Artificial Intelligence to improve management and results

  • Technical knowledge evaluated by a  strategic approach
  • Implementing cognitive solutions – options/costs and types of solutions
  • Possible variable combination of prospects in a regression analysis
  • Impact f AI on companies and business

    17h30 – 18h30 First day Closing Panel

    Supply Chain 4.0 – New Technology

    4.0 Supply, 4.0 Purchase, 4.0 Logistics and 4.0 Manufacturing – Revolution impacting  the process accuracy, responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency
    In this panel we will get to know the companies which are getting prepared to face next years major technological changes.

    • Strategies and pathways towards a digital transformation.
    • Successful Models of Digital technology employ in Supply Chain


    18h30 – 19h30 19h30 First Day Closing Cocktail


    December, the 4th


    8h15 – 8h45 – Reception

    8h45 – Chair’s opening remarks

    9h – 10h Opening Panel


    Strategic Supply Chain

    Supply Chain Collaboration – step by step, from raw material to final good; an evaluation of the process improvements  via partnership

    • Shared solution alternatives in Supply Chain
    • Collaborative Planning
    • Collaborative Logistics

    10h – 11h Coffee Break


    Stream Sessions Case Study

    11h – 11h35

    Sala 1- Strategic Supply Chain Sala 2 – 4.0 Supply Chain
    How to do stratgical planning facing daily uncertainties?
    Besides the aligning of logistics and supply chain strategies with the whole business strategic plan,  risk management and contingency plannings are essential.

    • Ideal operational model plan
    • World and the unpredictability of national and international economies
    • Vertical integration, Make or buy
    • Flexible and focused planning
    Empirical experience of Blockchain, a consumer’s demand
    How Blockchain changes the model of your business

    • What changes with Blockchain – quality and security
    • Costumer’s demand and its impact on the chain – traceability
    • Benefits to consumers and companies

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    11h40 – 12h15

    Sala 1 – Supply Chain, integration Sala 2 – Logistics and Transport modes
    Integrating Supply Chain with Commercial and marketing areasSupply Chain area, responsible for integrating information and production flow is meaningless without a strong connection with the commercial area

    • Supply Chain as responsible for integrating all functional areas of the company: comercial, marketing, production, finances, people management, operating and legal departments
    • The allignment point of Supply Chain and other departments: get the most of each operation with least waste possible
    • Necessary adjustments in the supply chain for the success of the omnichannel
    Truck Drivers strike leçons: What should be the backup plan for a future strike
    Everybody was affected by the truck drivers strike. Companies in Brazil have to be prepared to face the fragility of a productive Market that is hostage of a sole modal

    • Alternatives for a strike that closes the roads
    • Possibilities for a major modal integration

    12h15 – 12h20 – Please Move to your Next Session


    Stream Sessions Solutions

    12h20 – 12h55

    Sala 1 – Strategic Supply Chain
    Sala 2 – 4.0 Supply Chain
    Forecasting and statistics for a clear Picture of demand with low fluctuation

    • Benefits of a forecasting based on statistics
    • Data Mining and Big data association to define consistent patterns
    • Demand forecast and strategic planning


    Blockchain in supply chain integration – further control of provided services, taxes, debt collection, control backup.
    Blockchain makes bureaucracy and costs reduction possible, increases data transfer safety data, hastes processes and simplifies agreements settled among institutions.

    12h55 – 14h15 Lunch


    Stream Sessions Case Study

    14h15 – 14h50

    Sala 1 – 4.0 Supply Chain Sala 2 – Logistics And Transport Modes
    Empirical employ of digital technology on the Chain
    Innovation enforcement of 4.0 manufacture, IoT, advanced robotics, big data and performance impact of  the Chain.

    • Long term basis of Supply Chain digitization – forecast for each step
    • IT in the process and new required competences to work in an environment with so many behavioral and technological changes
    • Earnings prospects


    Government Plans for Transports modes and infrastructure development
    Logistics National Plan shows the areas which most need investment in transport.

    This investment will be made by the private sector by means of a public concession agreement of Federal Government  enterprises.

    • National Logistics Plan – What is required for it to work
    • Railways, Highway, Airport and Ports Projects      


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    14h55 – 15h30

    Sala 1 – Supply Chain, Integration Sala 2 – Logistics And Transport Modes
    Financial view of Supply Chain – Defining and adjusting Supply Chain to companies strategies

    • Financial View of supply chain – defining and adjusting Supply Chain to Companies strategies
      Integrating physical and financial chains reduces costs and inefficiency creating opportunities.
    • Financial view of the Supply Chain: inventory turnover, return on investments , inefficiency costs
      Integration by automation and access to information


    Alternative modals – Railways and Waterways

    • Prospects of better use of cabotage and waterway exploitation
    • Ways to overcome limitations and barriers imposed to railway construction



    15h30 – 16h Coffee Break

    16h – 16h45 – Plenary Session


    How new Technologies will impact the supply chain, long term view – what is future?

    • How will Supply Chain of the future be?
    • How to educate and to get prepared for what is coming?
    • Reinvention of Supply Chain


    16h45 – 17h45

    Strategic Supply Chain

    STARTUPS PAINEL – 10 x 6 – 10 6 minute presentations on a variety of startups solutions to Supply Chain and similar domains 


    17h45 – 18h Closing by event chairman

    18h Closure

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