Vicente Costa

Global Supply Chain Director – Biolab

– In-depth experience in Supply Chain development, implementation and management, built through the development and conduction of processes in various links of the chain: Agribusiness, Industrial, Commercial, Planning and Procurement.
– Planning and conduction of company integration processes, following mergers and acquisitions.
– Experience in turning around family-owned businesses and large companies.
– Structuring, implementation and conduction of Procurement, Logistics, Integrated Planning and Go to Market (GTM) processes at global companies.
– Implementation of supply chain technologies for managing and controlling distribution centers, transport network and materials movement, as well as the integrated management of processes (S&OP, DRP, CRM, SEM).
– Building and leadership of multifunctional and interdepartmental processes and teams.
– Implementation of collaborative relationship processes with customers, and structuring of Customer Services.
– Development of business strategies and models focusing on the client profitability and service level improvement.